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Amwell Construction Ltd
Amwell Construction Ltd

Amwell Construction Ltd was established 12 years ago. It is a general building contractor working directly with, and as a sub-contractor for, both private and public-sector clients. It carries out a variety of work, mainly in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

As an expanding company, it became apparent that managing growth was going to be an issue as the company had no Business Plan.

The initial work undertaken was a major review of Company finances, cash flow and aged debtors. Once the review had been completed it was possible to write a fully-informed and comprehensive Business Plan.

Our Company is in the process of expanding and moving to larger premises. Henry came to us as a consultant; he conducted a major review of Company finances, cash flow and aged debtors. He advised us on how to formulate, write and implement our business plan. We greatly value Henry’s knowledge, advice and practical suggestions.

Colin Bullen, Director: Amwell Construction Ltd

Once the Business Plan was in place an implementation process was formulated and agreed. Amwell Construction Ltd was able to carry out its expansion plans and its move to new, larger premises.

Ongoing support includes working with the Company in a number of areas, including:

  1. Personal management skills evaluation
  2. Time management
  3. Strategic planning, goal setting, prioritizing and review
  4. Business processes and systems
  5. People management
  6. Change management