Recruitment Sector

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Simpson Dean
Simpson Dean Ltd

Prior to starting their business, the Directors at Simpson Dean Ltd contracted us to provide coaching, mentoring and guidance on the following topics:

  1. Company Planning (strategic and tactical)
  2. Staff analysis and ‘person-fit’ (based on Belbin team types)
  3. Personal management strategies
  4. How to run effective meetings
  5. Different types, styles and methods of effective communication
  6. Essential elements of customer care
  7. Presentation skills
  8. Understanding and using creative thinking
  9. Defining job competencies and writing job role descriptors
  10. The component factors of both Management and Leadership
  11. Legal guidance on Company establishment and operations

We are a relatively new start-up Company operating in the Recruitment sector. Henry has provided us with a wealth of high-quality input, coaching, mentoring and guidance. His approach mixes his impressive, extensive practical experience and knowledge with an innate ability to match these attributes to our preferred learning and operating styles.

Anthony Dean, Director: Simpson Dean Ltd.

As a new Company operating in the Recruitment sector, they realised the benefit and value of seeking high-quality input at a very early stage. This has meant a smooth and seamless transition from idea to profitable Start-Up.