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From SMME’s and start-ups to large corporates, from small charities and schools to Government Ministries, The Business Support Group provides a broad range of organisational consultancy, HR development, advice, guidance and revenue-enhancement.

You can be sure that, with decades of experience, we know that no project falls in to a neatly defined box; each client we work with benefits from a unique configuration of our services to meet their specific requirements.

Because of this breadth and depth of knowledge and experience we can offer you bespoke solutions at off-the-shelf rates.

For All Your Organisational Development Needs, Make The Business Support Group Your First Call ☎️

Still not sure where to start?

That’s understandable. There’s a lot to choose from. The Business Support Group has delivered consultancy, training and mentoring in more than 200 topic areas, so it’s probably easier to list the 12 main categories of knowledge and experience:

  1. Personal and People Management
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Staging and Running Effective Meetings
  4. New, Growing and Mature Teams Development
  5. Customer Service and Client Care
  6. Presentations and Performance Skills
  7. Motivation Through Creativity
  8. Effective Business Planning
  9. Understanding and Defining Job Roles and Competencies
  10. Organisational Leadership
  11. Change Planning and Management
  12. Empowerment Programmes

Just pick up the phone ☎️ and book a complimentary consultation. Why offer something for free? Because we know that what we offer can help; and we want you to know that too

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About Sir Henry Boyle

Sir Henry Boyle is the Founder and Managing Director of The Business Support Group. He is an entrepreneur and innovator and a Director of several companies. Having advised large Corporates, Government, Educational and Charitable organisations, he has a special interest in, and affinity for, small, medium and micro enterprises and the school sector.

Henry brings a fresh approach to growth and development – and motivating people to setting and achieving goals.

Sir Henry has, for many decades, led human resources, business planning and development and sales and marketing initiatives for both large corporates and SMME’s. A qualified Investors in People and National Vocational Qualifications Advisor, Assessor and Verifier he now spends much of his time working with SMMEs and schools.

Current client sectors include education, health and social care, building and construction, media and creative, recruitment, IT and security sectors.

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Case Studies
Case Studies

During the last nine years, we’ve been working with different types of organisations to help them develop their knowledge, skills, abilities and performance.

Take a look at our Case Studies so you can see for yourself the breadth of experience we can bring to you and your organisation.